Dreaming about spaces

The concept of “Spaces” has captured my imagination as of late. I’m referring of course to the physical spaces in which life takes place but also the metaphysical “space” that comes with it. Certain environments can make us feel certain ways whether happy, motivated, agitated or upset — I’ve been thinking about how we can… Continue reading Dreaming about spaces

2023 Closing: Triangulate

Thought I’d try closing out the year somewhat differently this time. Rather than leaving it to the final few calendar days I started my personal review of 2023 on 1st December and will continue to develop it over the month. In a way, I’m treating December as a Dave Gorman intermission between 2023 and 2024.… Continue reading 2023 Closing: Triangulate

2023 3rd Quarter Check-In

Here we go again. Let’s get right into it then. The Project is (unofficially) complete! At the tail-end of 2022 I made reference to something I called “The Project”, a personally-meaningful endeavor that I’d (re-)started. I’m proud to say it’s complete! It was an amazing ride that has provided a new window of insight into… Continue reading 2023 3rd Quarter Check-In

2023 Half-Year Check-In

One of the items on my annual one-pager is to write more blog posts as a way of clarifying thoughts. Seeing as how the previous post is literally my Quarter-Year Check-In, I think we all know how well this item is (or isn’t) progressing 😂

Quarter-Year Check-In

ItΓÇÖs that time of year again when I exclaim ΓÇ£this year is whizzing by!ΓÇ¥ and dig out my one-pager to check on my progress. So how is 2023 going for me?

2022 in closing…

This is a reflection post on my 2022. I started writing a similar one last year for 2021 but never finished it. LetΓÇÖs see if this one turns out better.

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Of sickness and of health

For the first time in years I felt unwell enough to be called ΓÇ£sickΓÇ¥. In this state I can only function as a mattress warmer and stay in bed for most of the day. I ignored the lingering guilt by binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Learning to appreciate TMNT on the NES/Famicom

Although I watched the 80s cartoon growing up I hesitate to consider myself a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like Ninjas but could care less about Teenagers, Mutants and Turtles. I do, however, love video games and the old NES/Famicom era fills me with nostalgia and memories of sitting on the floor… Continue reading Learning to appreciate TMNT on the NES/Famicom